Have You Had Your Wing Chun Fix?

When it comes to Wing Chun, doing is better than watching.  However, it's nice to sit back every once in a while and watch what can be some pretty amazing Wing Chun movie magic.  Keep in mind that the martial arts you see on films and TV is all make believe, even when it's based on a "true story".  It's staged and choreographed and made to look perfect.  But it can still be something that inspires, and something to aspire to.  If you're ever feeling a lull in your drive to come to class and train, put one of these flicks on and it'll be sure to get you fired up again!

Impetuous Love In Action

Bet you thought I was going to say Ip Man!  Well, yes, numerous Ip Man movies are up next, but here's a breath of fresh air first.  A romantic comedy involving Wing Chun!

Ip Man 1,2 (and eventually 3)

The Donnie Yen series of Ip Man movies are by far the best in terms of fight choreography.

The Legend is Born: Ip Man

Not a bad prequel to the above Ip Man series, though it does take a bit of mental gymnastics when the same actors are playing different but closely related characters between films.

The Grandmaster

Artistic and philosophical, with interesting fight scenes.  This Ip Man movie definitely leans more towards the Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon style of choreography in some spots (e.g. when Ip Man and another martial artist crush a rickshaw between their respective front kicks!).

Ip Man: The Final Fight

A "more realistic" look at the life of Ip Man during his time spent in Hong Kong.

Sherlock Holmes

There is some pretty good use of Wing Chun in the fight scenes in both the first Sherlock Holmes and the sequel.  Robert Downey Jr. practices the same William Cheung lineage of Wing Chun that we teach here at Vancouver Wing Chun!

Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows

Rumble in the Bronx

A classic Jackie Chan film, amazing moves on the wooden dummy!

What are your favourite movies featuring Wing Chun?

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