Safety and Etiquette


If it is your first class out, all you'll need is a pair of comfortable pants, a t-shirt, and a pair of indoor athletic shoes.

For safety reasons, there are no jewelry, watches, rings, etc. permitted to be worn during class.  For the consideration of others, please also avoid wearing any strong scents or perfumes.


The bow is done by placing the left fist into the right palm in front of the body with the elbows slightly out from the body.  We bow upon entering the class and upon leaving it; this is to show that we leave behind all outside distractions when we enter the class, and bring out with us all the things we have learned during class when we leave.  We also bow when commencing class and finishing class, to show our respect and thanks to the instructor.  Lastly, we bow to our training partners upon partnering up and before finding a new partner; this is to show respect for our partners and recognize them as fellow students.

If you are late, please ensure you bow in before joining the class.