Your First Kung Fu Class

Please note, Vancouver Wing Chun teaches ages 16 and up.

Your first lesson will take place during the Skills class on Wednesday.  It is completely free of charge; we simply ask that you contact us prior to coming by so we can ensure an extra instructor is present to take you through the fundamentals.

Please bring comfortable clothing and a pair of indoor athletic shoes (see Etiquette for more information).  For safety, we request that you remove all jewelry, watches, rings, etc. prior to starting class; for the consideration of others, please also avoid wearing any scents or perfumes.

During your free trial lesson, we will introduce you to the fundamentals of Wing Chun Kung Fu.  Topics include stance and guard, footwork, basic striking, and Wing Chun technique and principles.  It's always more fun training with a partner, so feel free to bring a friend.

See you in class!